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New Fujitsu SOLAR RELAYS available from Inelco Hunter Ltd
Tuesday 24th August, 2010


We contribute to a sustainable environment

Fujitsu Solar RelaysInelco Hunter Ltd is pleased to offer multiple solutions that are suitable for integration in solar appliances and in this way contribute to a cleaner environment.

Fujitsu Components recognizes the value and importance of protecting the global environment and strives to contribute to the creation of a sustainable environment for future generations.

Not only does Fujitsu endeavours to reduce the environmental impact of the products throughout the product lifecycle, but also designs its products for integration in environment improving appliances.
Fujitsu Components’ product range contains power relays that are highly tailored to be used in solar energy systems.



The world’s current number one energy source is oil. The advantages of solar energy over oil are however numerous. Looking at the environmental aspects the most important fact is that solar energy can be marked as the cleanest energy available, as there is no pollution created in the process of generating electricity.

Solar energy is produced by gathering sunlight and converting it into electricity. Solar panels are used to convert the solar energy into electricity. A solar panel contains solar cells made of Silicon (Si). This material is capable of converting daylight into electrical energy (called Photovoltaic). An inverter located nearby the panel transforms the generated DC power into AC power and feeds this new electricity into the electricity network.


Solar energy supporting relays

Fujitsu Solar Relays from Inelco Hunter Ltd Supplying the generated electricity to the electricity network requires an interface between the solar converter and the power grid. The circuit break function between the converter and the power grid must have a contact gap of ≥ 1.5mm (according to safety standard DIN VDE 0126-1-1).

Fujitsu Components offers three different relays that meet these requirements.
The FTR-K2G with a contact gap of 3mm is one of the (AC) relays within Fujitsu Components’ power relay line-up that is suitable for integration in solar energy systems.
Fujitsu is also proud to introduce the newly developed relays FTR-K3-WG and FTR-F4G. Both relays meet the safety requirements with a contact gap of 1.5mm.

The DC relays FTR-J2 and brand-new FTR-K2W are suitable to be integrated in the solar energy system to switch on/cut off the DC voltage generated by the solar panel.

Samples readily available on request from Inelco Hunter Ltd.

More information about Fujitsu Solar Relays please contact Inelco Hunter Ltd on +44 (0) 844 875 1585 or send an your enquiry to

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