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Cost effective Over-Moulding Solution from Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd
Tuesday 1st March, 2011

Cost effective Over-Moulding Solution from Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd

Over-moulding connectors as part of a cable assembly no longer requires high volume production to cover the cost of tooling.

Hunter Cable Assembly now has the capability to supply cost effective Over-Moulding Solutions.

overmoulding prodecure

Over moulding Facts:

  • Durable, rugged design often improves mechanical reliability, e.g. resistance to shock
  • Custom design of mouldings e.g., family of connectors or clear product range. Design flexibility
  • Design improved ergonomics or grip to your products
  • Pcb’s and other components e.g. Ferrites can easily be over moulded
  • Once moulded the product is tamperproof and environmentally sealed
  • Overmoulding makes it easy to encapsulate fragile components
  • Overmoulding is an alternative to conformal coating
  • RoHS compliant

Low pressure moulding is perfect for Low to medium volume production 50+ units.

Low pressure moulding is a manufacturing process that sits between injection moulding and potting.

Material Facts

  • Non toxic, single component polyamide material
  • Moulding material has shore hardness range from 77 to 92
  • Material meets UL 94-V0
  • Material has High Dielectric properties up to 25kV / mm
  • Great adhesion to different substrate, including ABS, PVC, XLPE etc.
  • Moulding material has a temperature range -40°c to + 125°c
  • Fast cure time’s

Moulds for standard D-type connectors are already available, so production can commence in a short timescale without the need to procure tooling.

Custom tools can be designed in house and sourced within 6-8 weeks, often less. The scope for over-moulded components is enormous with the possibility of incorporating printed circuits, ferrites, multiple cable entry points to identify a few of the applications.

Tooling Facts

  • Low pressure moulding is Cost effective and less expensive than complicated injection methods
  • Over moulding has the advantage of Low start up costs compared to costly injection moulding.
  • Long tool life
  • Precision-machined tool = high repeatability = low waste
  • Mould bushes or other mechanical fixings easily incorporated into your design
  • Possibility to mould strain relief or cable boots
  • Design’s can still maintain shielding for EMC, EMI properties
  • Option to mould company logo or part numbers
  • Mat or gloss surface finishes

There are many benefits of over-moulding: rugged, almost unbreakable protection; built in strain relief; cosmetically attractive; possibility of incorporating company logos.

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