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New Fujitsu Relay product developments - available from Inelco Hunter Ltd
Monday 6th June, 2011

New Fujitsu Relay Lineup

Inelco Hunter Ltd is proud to present you several of Fujitsu new relay developments that recently have been added to the relay product line up.

Over the years Fujitsu Components has made its name in the relay market with a complete product line-up, adapted to the requirements of the market. Through continued research and development Fujitsu keeps expanding its product range.

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Fujitsu relay FTR-K3-PV

One of these new developments is the FTR-K3-PV relay.

This relay can be classified as a Fujitsu relay suitable for integration in solar energy systems; its 1.5mm contact gap complies with the DIN standard VDE 0126-1-1 for integration in solar energy systems. 

This AC power relay stands out due to its high contact current of 32A (coil power is 1,200mW).

In an answer to the market demand for latching relays, Fujitsu released several new types

            relay FTR-K3L Fujitsu relay FTR-K3L-PV

The market proven FTR-K3 series has been expanded with multiple latching versions;

This two coils latching relay has a contact rating of 25A/250VAC and is available as PCB type and tab type.

The earlier mentioned FTR-K3-PV relay is also available as a latching version. The relay offers a 32A high contact current.

Fujitsu relay FTR-K3L-WG Fujitsu relay FTR-K3LV

Also the FTR-K3-WG has a latching “brother”. This 1.5mm contact gap relay has a contact rating of 25A/250VAC and can handle a carry current of 30A.

This new latching relay offers a high switching current of 32A and (M4) screw hole tab terminals.

Besides the expansion of the FTR-K3 series, the Fujitsu power relay group is strengthened with two high power/ high current relays;

Fujitsu relay FTR-V2 Fujitsu relay FTR-V3 Fujitsu relay FTR-V4

the FTR-V2 and the FTR-V3.
These latching relays are capable of switching a current of respectively 100A and 120A at a contact voltage range up to 277VAC. Both relays are available in different terminal types.

Fujitsu is also pleased to introduce the brand-new FTR-V4 DC power relay.This relay has a switching capacity of 100A at 60VDC and offers a low contact resistance of max. 1.0mOhm. The FTR-V4 is designed with a special arc quenching provision and is available in single and dual coil latching versions.

Fujitsu relay FBR-59-HW

Last but not least the new FBR-59-HW.

This small 60A high power automotive relay has a contact switch rating of 14VDC, 45A and features a 1 form U contact configuration.

For more information, availability or samples of these New Fujitsu Relays,
please contact Inelco Hunter Ltd on 0844 875 1585 or via email here

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